Activity Programme


Our Activity Coordinators are the driving force behind our daily activities programme, designed to educate, entertain and engage. We go the extra mile to continue to provide expert support and care during any activities away from the premises. Just the right size team will accompany and supervise residents throughout every experience for safe and happy excursions.

Home Activities can include social sessions of cards or dominoes, gardening in the grounds, or perhaps a visit to the on-site Hair and Beauty Studio. We also organise activities in partnership with local establishments, such as time spent with the local church group to visiting children from social enterprise nurseries. Away Activities can include organised trips to local amenities – perhaps to the cinema or walks in the Yorkshire countryside. Each of our care homes has a specially adapted minibus to transport residents comfortably and safely. 

Our dedicated Activity Coordinators are constantly refreshing the programme and shaping events to personal requests.

Hair and Beauty Studio

Our Hair and Beauty Studios are managed by mobile experts who can provide hair and makeup services on a weekly basis. 

Casual Dining

We provide a relaxed dining area and lounges for drinks and conversations. So that it feels like a home from home, family members are welcome to join. Our chefs are trained in nutrition, creating healthy menus, often with fresh local produce, that include both classic and contemporary options.

We are happy to cater for individual needs such as food allergies, gluten or dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan. Please let us know any special requirements.

Modern Interiors

Mulberry Care Homes modern interiors are thoughtfully designed to create a smart and cosy home away from home. There are quiet private areas and lounges as well as more social spaces. Wheelchair access is made easy in both the house and grounds.

We put great emphasis on our portfolio of bedrooms. From spacious singles to large doubles, there are rooms to suit an individual or a couple, some with ensuite. Each room has personality, style and comfort.


To encourage and maintain mobility we work with expert community physiotherapists who can help with a range of concerns. Together with these specialists we endeavour to deliver relief from ongoing problems that will benefit from a programme of physiotherapy treatment.