Our expert care services ensure every resident’s needs can be met. We pride ourselves in supplying a service that exceeds expectation. The care services range from a day-to-day helping hand, nursing care for those with ongoing medical or neurological conditions – whether physical or mental health requirements, to the care required for early stage Dementia and Palliative Care.

As a first step we invite both the resident and their family to an informal meeting. In our relaxed environment we encourage open and honest discussion about personal requirements and can answer any concerns. From here we formalise a tailored care plan, one that will undergo regular review to ensure we are always adapting care to suit any changing needs.

While we would encourage you to contact us to learn more about our care services, the care team and the care plan, here is a short guide to briefly explain each of our care services:

Residential Care

This type of care is designed to assist our residents who require a little help with everyday living – whether getting ready for the day and last thing at night, assistance with eating or ensuring medication is taken correctly. We know just how to give the right level of support that makes residents feel looked after and happy, while respecting privacy and independence.

Nursing Care

Nursing Care is the next step on from Residential Care. This type of care gives 24-hour support to our residents with a medical condition that requires specialist care from qualified nurses. Care is provided in partnership with one of our local General Practitioners or an assigned Healthcare Practitioner. We put together the most qualified team that will not only provide expert care, but who will also nurture a relationship and encourage the best quality of life.

Dementia Care

Our skilled professionals are experienced in the nuances of early stage Dementia – caring for and improving the lives of residents, giving just the right support to families and working to not sacrifice independence wherever possible. We work closely with our residents and their families to ensure the care matches personalised needs both now and in the future.

Palliative Care

For our residents with chronic conditions, we provide only the most professional and compassionate 24-hour medical and nursing care. We make certain our dedicated care team support both the resident and family every step of the way. We work to provide relief from symptoms, give emotional support and be mindful of quality of life.

Short Stay Care

We devote the same level of excellent care that we give to our permanent residents to those who are with us for a day, week, or month. Short Stay Care can also serve as a good stepping stone to longer stays in the future, making the transition to becoming a full-time resident easier.

In advance of the short stay we create a care plan that allows us to give 100% care and medical support, alongside the understanding of individual requirements. We also oversee introductions to other residents and activities so that even with a brief visit, the short stay resident feels instantly at home.

Respite Care

We acknowledge that in order to care for others you must first care for yourself. Part of this is making sure you have time to rest, recharge and focus on life outside caring. With our Respite Care service, we can step in for as little or as long as you need support. Wherever possible, in case of emergency, this flexible care service can be available at a moment’s notice.

As well as being of great benefit for carers, Respite Care offers positives for the short stay resident as well. Some time spent in a warm, social environment with new activities and the chance to make friends goes a long way to increasing wellbeing.

Excellent care staff and nurses, my father being terminally ill, was transferred from the hospice and needed full-time care and support having a syringe driver in place and very weak and could not eat or drink unaided. The home is of a very high standard and the food is freshly cooked and some homegrown. The staff are lovely and treat my father with respect and humility we are very grateful for this as he is unable to go home. I may add, this home is very clean and has some very good facilities.

Gaye B